09. Stockholders

9.1 List the top ten stockholders, along with the percentage of stock owned.
9.2 List stock holdings of top management and Board members.
9.3 Are there other stockholders who provide special points of leverage (i.e. unions, other employers)?
9.4 Is there any type of shareholder activism taking place in the target firm?

Yahoo Finance provides basic information on major stockholders and holdings of management and board members, as well as recent insider trades. MSN Money provides similar information. Form DEF 14A (The Proxy Statement), available from the SEC’s EDGAR database, provides information on 5% stockholder and ownership by management and the board.

Little Sis allows you to search by individual, and shows how they connect to others in industry and government.

There has been a tremendous increase in shareholder activism over the past few years, with stockholders challenging firms in terms of their environmental and labor record, as well as their overall corporate responsibility. As You Sow provides a summary of shareholder activity. A general news search may also identify shareholder activism.

UMass Resources (for UMass students only)

Detailed information on shareholders is available at Mergent Online

Mergent Investor Edge provides detailed stock and financial information, including Ford equity reports.

Morningstar Investment Research Center provides stock and investor information. 

ABI/ Inform Global is a comprehensive source for business news.