03. Facilities

3.1 List all facilities, locations, and operations.
3.2 What is the status of each company property? Are they owned or leased?
3.3 List any industrial development funds or other public monies used in construction, renovation, or purchase.
3.4 What is the value of their major facilities?

Information on facilities is located in Item 2 of the company’s Form 10-K Report available from the SEC’s EDGAR database.

You should also consult the company web site and the company annual report. Firms often provide detailed lists and locations of their facilities.

You can find information on industrial development funds or other public monies in the sources above, or by using a general news searchGood Jobs First Subsidy Tracker provides a listing of types of public subsidies. Good Job First also provides detailed information on which firms received COVID-19 subsidies with the COVID Stimulus Watch

The AFL-CIO maintains the UNICORE database which includes information on corporate facilities, their location, if they are unionized, and information on the union. This database is only available to AFL-CIO affiliates.

In addition to identifying the location of facilities, you can find property values online in most states. Search Systems and BRBPub provide access to state databases that will link you to the assessor’s or deeds office in local communities. Records often include detailed information on building permits and the cost of renovations. In communities where this information is not available, you will need to go to the courthouse, deeds, or assessor’s office.

UMass Resources (for UMass students only)

Mergent Intellect provides a comprehensive list of facilities. It also lists employees and sales by facility.  Use the Family Tree to explore corporate structure.

Mergent Online is the best site for accessing SEC documents. You can download documents in a number of different formats or search them via a hypertext table of contents.