17. Transportation/ Distribution/ Dissemination

17.1 How do supplies, products, services, or clients leave the facilities?
17.2 Are any of these forms of transportation/distribution/dissemination unionized?

Workers are the best source for identifying forms of transportation, distribution and dissemination. Some information may be found on the company’s SEC Form 10-K (available from the SEC’s EDGAR database), the company web site, or the company annual report.

You can find information on the firms’ truck fleet, as well as the company’s safety record, at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The National Transportation Safety Board also compiles accident information on all types of transportation.

UMass Resources (for UMass students only)

Students can identify a company’s contracts with advertisers and marketing firms through Ad$pender.  This information may provide leads on understanding how the company’s services are made available to the public.