01. Basic Information

1.1 Which exchange does it trade in (NASDAQ, AMEX, etc.)
1.2 What is its stock symbol?
1.3 Location of headquarters (address, phone, fax)?
1.4 URL of company web page?

Before looking more closely at a company, it is important first to gather some basic information about the firm.  Finding the company web site and its stock symbol will streamline your research as you proceed.  There are a number of places to get started online to find this basic information including Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, Google Finance. These sites provide slightly different information, but we would encourage you to get to know one of them well and use it as your first stop when conducting your research.

Spend some time and get to know the company web site. Typically, the information you are looking for is in the “Investors Section”, but become familiar with what information is available in all sections of their web site.

UMass Resources (for UMass students only)

Business Source Complete is an excellent place to begin your research on a publically traded firm. Their Market Research reports include a SWOT analysis.

Mergent Online is a powerful research tool. It provides comprehensive information on companies that will be useful in multiple research steps.

Mergent Intellect  is another excellent gateway site for beginning corporate research. It includes information form Hoovers and the D&B Million Dollar Directory.

Directory of Venture Capital & Private Equity provide some basic information on executives, fund size, industries and portfolios.