20. Safety and Health

20.1 Cre­ate a com­pre­hen­sive list of safety or health actions taken against the organization.
20.2 Can you iden­tify any pat­terns in OSHA activ­ity?
20.3 What are the major health and safety problems?

Nonprofits as nongovernmental organization are covered by OSHA. Begin at the OSHA web site. Go to “Data and Sta­tis­tics” and select “estab­lish­ment search” to search for your tar­get firm. You can also search by indus­try to get a broader sense of what is hap­pen­ing. If your com­pany has made recent acqui­si­tions, you will need to search under that name as well.

NIOSH also pro­vides more gen­eral infor­ma­tion and you can search by industry.

A gen­eral news search may also sup­ple­ment what you find on the OSHA web site. Seri­ous acci­dents or injuries are news­wor­thy, espe­cially in local papers. You can also use news infor­ma­tion to make sense of the more for­mal OSHA data.