16. Supplies/Services

16.1 Who are the major sup­pli­ers?
16.2 Are mul­ti­ple sup­pli­ers used, or do sin­gle sup­pli­ers pro­vide products/services?

Work­ers are the best source for iden­ti­fy­ing mate­ri­als and sup­pli­ers. Some information on suppliers may be available on Form 990.  Section B of Part VII of the 990 lists the five highest compensated independent contractors.  In some instances this may include a major supplier of goods or services. Candidthe National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), and the Economic Research Institute all provide access to Form 990 as well as summary information on nonprofit organizations. Also check the New York Charities Bureau.

General infor­ma­tion on sup­pli­ers can be found at the Thomas Reg­is­ter.