14. Industry

14.1 What is the core industry?
14.2 What is the name of the industry publication?
14.3 What are the current trends in the industry?

The SIC code you identified in Question 2 will allow you to identify the industry or industries in which the company is operating. The best way to learn about an industry is to consult industry publications. Industry publications often provide a great deal of information about current trends in the industry, as well as comparative data on the industry’s top players.

The Trade Association Forum provides links to a number of trade associations and industry publications. The CBI Website also provides information on a variety of industries.

Once you identify your target firm on Yahoo Finance, you can use the “industry” tab to learn more about the industry in which your firm is located.

UMass Resources (for UMass students only)

Mergent Online is a powerful search engine for finding out more about industry.