04. Workforce

4.1 Provide detailed information on the workforce. How many workers? In which location do they work? What are the demographics of the workforce?
4.2 Is the company unionized? Which union at which facility?
4.3 Are there identifiable worker issues?

Basic information on the workforce is provided in the Annual Return available at Companies House WebCHeck or the company’s website. You should also consult the company web site for other documents in the investor relations section.

Dunn and Bradstreet Million Dollar Directory (fee-based) provides an extremely comprehensive list of the number of employees by facility.

LinkedIn provides some basic information on employees by searching under the “company” tab. It is best to contact workers to identify worker issues, but there are some resources available online such as Glassdoor that includes workers comments about their employer. Social media sites such as Facebook may also be useful.

UMass Resources (for UMass students only)

Dunn and Bradstreet Million Dollar Directory accessible through Mergent Intellect provides a comprehensive list of facilities. It also lists employees and sales by facility.  Use the Family Tree to explore corporate structure.