General News Search

A good place to start your general news search is Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, or Google Finance. The Wall Street Transcript provides a variety of interviews, including ones with CEOs and industry analysts.

In addition to general internet searching, it is important to identify the local papers in the communities where your firm operates. There are a number of sites that assist you on finding these local media outlets including Newspapers Online or the News Library. Google News Archives allows you to do historical searches. Newspaper Index provides links to international papers. MediaFinder at is a database of Magazines, newsletters and journals in the US and Canada. Magportal offers access to a wide variety of magazine article and it can be searched by industry.

You should also look into company press releases, which you can access at PR Newswire and Business Wire. Only some of the information from press releases makes it into other print media and it is a great way to get more details on a firm.