03. Facilities

3.1 List all facilities, locations, and operations.
3.2 What is the status of each company property? Are they owned or leased?
3.3 List any industrial development funds or other public monies used in construction, renovation, or purchase.

Information on products and services is provided in the Annual Information Form at SEDAR. You should also consult the company web site and the company annual report.

The AFL-CIO maintains the UNICORE database that includes information on corporate facilities in the U.S. and Canada, their location and (if they are unionized) information on the union. This database is only available to AFL-CIO affiliates.

You can find information on industrial development funds or other public monies in the sources above, or by using a Canadian News Search.

Carleton Resources (for Carleton students only)

You can find information on facilities at  Business Source Complete (you will need to select Business Source Complete from the list). Basic information is available on “company information” tab or look under “company profiles” for the more extensive Datamonitor report. 

Mergent Intellect provides a comprehensive list of facilities. It also lists employees and sales by facility.  Use the Family Tree to explore corporate structure.

Additional information on facilities is available on the “Property” tab at Mergent Online.