05. Financial Information

5.1 Balance Sheet
5.2 Income Statement
5.3 Statement of Cash Flow
5.4 Key Financial Ratios
5.5 Stock Analysts’ Reports

It is unlikely that you will find much financial information on privately held firms. Some basic  financial information may be found at Hoover’s where you can buy information. The D&B report will provide a basic credit report on your firm and may contain additional financial information.

If you find a significant amount of financial information and you have no experience in reviewing financial documents, go first to our Financial Analysis for Union Researchers, or one of the many guides to corporate finance online, such as Merrill Lynch Guide to Understanding Financial Analysis.

In addition to the financial statements, financial analysts utilize financial ratios. This allows them to track the performance of a firm over time and to compare it to others in the industry. For a basic introduction to financial ratios, go to our Financial Analysis for Union Researchers or review the Financial Ratio Tutorial at Investopedia.

Carleton Resources (for Carleton students only)

Mergent Online is the best site for accessing corporate financial information. You can see in-depth financial statements as well as a number of financial ratios.