04. Workforce

4.1 Provide detailed information on the workforce. How many workers? In which plant do they work? What are the demographics of the workforce?
4.2 Is the company unionized? Which union at which facility?
4.3 Are there identifiable worker issues?

Basic information on  the workforce may be found at Canada’s Business Registries. You can  also search for a federally registered corporation at Corporations Canada on the Industry Canada website.

The Canadas Business Registries is a joint venture of all the provincial-territorial-federal governments, and nicely centralizes the basic information on companies.

The Canadian section of Search Systems links to corporate registration information at the provincial level in the “corporations and business” tab.  The level of information available and whether there is a fee involved varies by Province. You may also want to explore other types of public information that is available.

Open Corporates also provides access to public records on privately held firms worldwide.

You should also consult the company web site and  Hoover’s where you can buy more detailed information. The Dunn and Bradstreet Report on your firm may contain additional information. You will need to purchase it from D&B.

LinkedIn provides some basic information on employees by searching under the “company” tab.  Information on the workforce may also be found at Hoover’s.

You can find Labour Board decisions at CanL11 , which is a clearinghouse of legal decisions at the federal and provincial levels.

It is best to contact workers to identify worker issues, but there are some resources available online such as Glassdoor that includes workers comments about their employer. Social media sites such as Facebook may also be useful.

The AFL-CIO maintains the UNICORE database that includes information on corporate facilities in the U.S. and Canada, their location and (if they are unionized) information on the union. This database is only available to AFL-CIO affiliates.

Carleton Resources (for Carleton students only)

You can find information on the workforce at  Business Source Complete (you will need to select Business Source Complete from the list).  Basic information is available on “company information” tab or look under “company profiles” for the more extensive Datamonitor report.  Additional information may be available on  Mergent Online.