15. Competitors

15.1 Identify top three competitors.
15.2 To what degree are these other employers true competitors? Do they actually supply the same product or service?
15.3 What are the percentages of the industry that your target charity and each of its major competitors control?
15.4 Is one of these charities emerging as a leader?

It is important to understand your target charity in terms of the competitive landscape. Some charities provide unique services, while others operate in sectors where there is competition from other charities and for-profit firms.  It may be difficult to find information on competitors as it is not contained on the T3010 Return and is unlikely to appear on the organization’s web site.  Industrial/sectoral publications may provide information as well as a Canadian News Search.

When eval­u­at­ing com­peti­tors, it is impor­tant to iden­tify if they are true com­peti­tors. Do they actu­ally offer similar services and have sim­i­lar clients or customers?