14. Sector/Industry

14.1 What is the core sector/industry?
14.2 What is the name of the sector/industry pub­li­cation?
14.3 What are the cur­rent trends in the sector/industry?

Oftentimes charities operate in a sector or industry that also includes private sector firms. The best way to learn about a sector is to con­sult sector pub­li­ca­tions. You can find these using a Canadian News Search or by con­sult­ing Canada’s Business Registries or Web Wire. Indus­try pub­li­ca­tions often pro­vide a great deal of infor­ma­tion about cur­rent trends in the indus­try, as well as com­par­a­tive data on the industry’s top players.

Carleton Resources (for Carleton students only)

Mergent Online is a powerful search engine for finding out more about industry.