11. Donors

11.1 List the amount of donations.
11.2 What percentage of the organization’s total revenue are donations?
11.3 Can you identify any major donors?
11.4 Is an outside organization used for soliciting donations? What kind of overhead do these fundraising agencies take?

The Statement of Revenue on Schedule 6 of the T3010 Return available from the Canada Revenue Agency provides information on the amount of donations.  Based on the other sources of revenue listed on the schedule you can calculate what percentage donations are of the total revenue.  The T3010 Return does not identify specific donors. 

The charity’s website may provide information especially on large donors.  A Canadian News Search might also identify major donors.

Charities must disclose if they use outside organizations to solicit funds  on Line 2700 on Section C of the T3010 Return.  Section C also provides information on the amount of funds raised by outside organizations and the amount paid/retained by fundraisers on Line 5450 and 5460.