10. Board of Directors

10.1 List Board members.
10.2 Summarize any recent Board changes.
10.3 Provide biographies of Board members.
10.4 What other corporations are Board members associated with? Are they important? Why?
10.5 List any other news items about Board members (social clubs, political activity).
10.6 Summarize which Board members are most vulnerable.

The names of directors are provided in Section B of the T3010 return available from Canada Revenue Agency. (Note that you will need to click on the “Directors/Trustees and Like Officials Worksheet” to get this listing). The listing also provides information on whether directors are directly involved with other directors or if they operate “at arm’s length with other Directors.”

The CRA’s list of Charities – Basic Search and Charity Focus are also great alternative sources.

The charity‚Äôs web site often times contains additional information about its directors/board members.

Beyond this basic information, use a Canadian News Search and social media to gather more detailed information on board members.