08. Management

8.1 List top management.
8.2 Summarize any recent management changes.
8.3 Provide management biographies.
8.4 Compile management compensation.
8.5 What other corporations are top managers associated with?
8.6 List any other news items about management (social clubs, political activity).

The T3010 return does not require charities in Canada to provide information on their management.  Typically information on the top management team is available on their website. Schedule 3 on the T3010 Return available from Canada Revenue Agency does provide some basic information on management compensation. While it does not provide the salaries of specific executives, it provides a salary range for the ten high compensated full-time permanent employees.

The CRA’s list of Charities – Basic Search and Charity Focus are also great alternative sources.

Use a Canadian News Search and social media to find out more about management’s current activities. When doing news searches, make sure to go to local newspapers and media outlets in the city in which the firm is located. Some of this information many not show up on a general search.

Firms and top management are increasingly using a variety of social media and it is becoming an important research tool. LinkedIn is a popular business social-networking site. You need to be a member to search (membership is free) and you can search by companies as well as individuals. Facebook is becoming very popular with individuals and firms, and can be a great source of information. You need to be a member but membership is free.