04. Workforce

4.1 Provide detailed information on the workforce. How many workers? In which location do they work? What are the demographics of the workforce?
4.2 Is the company unionized? Which union at which facility?
4.3 Are there identifiable worker issues?

Lines 300 and 370 on Schedule 3 on the T3010 Return available from the Canada Revenue Agency provide the number of full-time and part-time employees. The T3010 Return also provides some information on the total funds allocated to compensation on Lines 380 and 390.

The CRA’s list of Charities – Basic Search and Charity Focus are also great alternative sources.

The charity’s website may provide some information on the workforce.

LinkedIn provides some basic information on employees by searching under the “company” tab.

You can find Labour Board decisions at CanL11 , which is a clearinghouse of legal decisions at the federal and provincial levels.

It is best to contact workers to identify worker issues, but there are some resources available online such as Glassdoor that includes workers comments about their employer. Social media sites such as Facebook may also be useful.